iChipSet stands for 'Identified Chip Set'

AVICS - better know as Autovecth Integrated Chip Set(RFIDGPS)™

Channeled Telematics for navigational
concerns on land, for vehicular traffic that maneuvers on the
ground and/or by hovering, equipped with
 iChipset™ and/or iChipsetx™. 

Managed by: 'iNavCom; wherein each city has at least one center.


Defined as: Local 'Identified Navigational Command Centers'™ (iNavC2™),

in conjunction with  'Autovecth'™ (AutoVector Traffic Hub™)

iChipSet™ & iChipsetx  are pending Trade Marks®

Xgenasys™ - X™ 

The next Evolution alongside Intelligent Traffic Systems

ITTS - International Transit Telematic System

ITTS has three profound objectives an one minor:

our (planets) Environment    your Safety,  and most importantly 
Open Source Registered Platform (OSRP) for all nations.

Setting a standard world wide, so no matter where you drive
'Intuitive Transit Telematics' is understood by everyone.


ITTS is built around Channeled Telematics from communication 
devices equipped with Avics iChipset™ &  iChipsetx


For the Record:

FIRST USE: 20150120. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20150120

Encrypted Communication Device Link-syncd together

ECDLink™ Device used on: Xgenasys™ 

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